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• ‘Sedda is a fascinating dancer, not only for his performance, but for his physical ability, turns, jumps, that way he has to shake his whole body at enormous speed, or at the same time take space without a centimeter left unoccupied, because his artistic personality is tremendous.’
Marta Carrasco – ABCdesevilla / TEATROS
• ‘Matteo Sedda is certainly a contemporary dancer, but he shows that ballet does not frighten him or even mimic him, and that he would, if necessary, be a formidable conjurer, ready to exercise his talents on the elements of a scenography. Unforgettable’
‘...this solo exerts a real fascination thanks to the technical richness of an exceptional personality. It's great stage art, and it's becoming rare.’
Thomas Hahn -

• ‘A talent and a physical delivery that manages to flesh out the many intellectual references that come together in the work.’
Rosalia Gomez - Diario de Sevilla / Critica de danza

• ‘…and the protagonist become the intense Matteo Sedda’s body, internally and externally extreme. There is aggression and fragility in his solo, there is erotic and animal drive, fear and abandonment. The violent movements are channelers of energy that represent vigor, but also discomfort. Also here the sensation of the audience is an underground guilt: we find ourself in front of exposure which generates embarrassment. Can we really see so much soul and body in a performance?’
Silvia Ferrari -

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