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Welcome to The Wild Stage, a symbiotic collision of human energies, a kaleidoscopic
sanctuary of encounters.


Choreographic project commissioned by EurAsia Dance Project International Network
in collaboration with KCC - Kolkata Center for Creativy in India.


The word ‘knaldrang’ was chosen as the Belgian Word of the Year in 2021. According to the Dutch/Flemish Van Dale dictionary it means something like the ‘intense need to party’.


Inspired by pagan carnival traditions from Sardinia and the Basque Country.
Raw and surprising, sweaty yet elegant, it explores the catharsis of communal ritual and traditions.

NeverStopScrolling Baby

A continuous flow of information, a game of pumping accelerations and oscillating hormones.
With their first project, the collective VITAMINA explores the dynamics of our hyperconnected, superfluid, internet-based reality.


Estasi explores the theme of desire. The work reflects the relationship between desire
and its deeper aspects generated today in contemporary society.

The generosity of Dorcas

Regardless of how diverse solo performances are, Jan Fabre essentially always wants to
pay tribute to the performer.


Features the second stage in the trilogy “odes to beauty: 3 creations
on diversity” by choreographer Enzo Cosimi.

Mount Olympus/24h

Mount Olympus. To glorify the cult of tragedy, a 24 hour performance is one huge slab
of history dipped in a sea of time.


Freely inspired by John Milton's PARADISE LOST, the PARADISE LAB stage is born of creative collaboration between guest choreographers and dancers, actors and performers who participated in the three-week masterclass at Viagrande Studios.


Assigned to the Japan Cultural Envoy mission by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of
Japan, Leonard Eto performed overseas over a period of one year mainly in European
countries from August 2013 to July 2014.


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