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Graduated from the Academy of contemporary dance DANCEHAUS in Milan, directed by Susanna Beltrami, where he worked for her company. He studied also with different artists such as Damiano Bigi e Marigia Maggipinto (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch), Sita Ostheimer (Hofesh Shechter Company), Katharina Christl (Ballet National de Marseille), Tony Rizzi (Ballet Frankfurt), Peter Brook and Robert Wilson.

-> Later he worked for different artists such as Leonard Eto (director of Kodo collective) for his project “blendDRUMStheater”, Armando Lulaj during 56° edition of Biennale dance of Venice, Vadim Voster for “Black art of Europe” and with Mariah Carey and Sakis Rouvas for the World Music Awards 2014 in Montecarlo. From 2015 collaborated with the visual artist Jan Fabre with whom he still performs for the show "Mount Olympus 24h".

He also worked for brands as MARNI, LEVI'S or Tom Rebl for fashion shows.

• From 2016, Sedda performs "CORPUS HOMINIS" for the contemporary choreographer Enzo Cosimi and dance for Compagnie Heimat.
• In 2017 he collaborates with the French choreographer Nathalie Larquet as a dancer for the show “IN WAHRHEIT BIN ICH EIN PFERD”.
• From 2018 he is working as assistant to Tony Rizzi for his solo “I am a mistake” with text from Jan Fabre. In May Sedda worked with Jan Fabre to create the solo “THE GENEROSITY OF DORCAS”.

-> Recently, he has been working on his first own creations:

• “(in)NATURAL" had its residency and premiere in Cagliari for “FIND 2016 – Festival Internazionale Nuova Danza” and in Lamezia Terme for the “CRAC – Centro di Ricerca per le Arti Contemporanee” in 2017.
From 2018 he begun a new creation called “POZ!”, which touches on issues concerning HIV and AIDS. He is cooperating with different associations and institutes helping people with HIV/AIDS like LILA (Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro l’Aids – Cagliari), Plate-Forme Prévention Sida (Bruxelles) or Institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp).

• POZ! had two residencies, one in EXART (Cagliari) and one in Troubleyn/Jan Fabre.
The premiere was during the Festival “Love and First Sight” on the 21th September 2018 in Antwerp. More dates coming soon.

-> Matteo gave various classes and workshop.
After three weeks of summer school in 2017 in “Viagrande Studio” (Sicily), he made with two other choreographers (Davide Montagna and Claudia Rossi Valle) “PARADISE LAB”, a show for 20 students and amateurs.
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