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Creation is the second stage of the trilogy “about the passions of the soul”.

Estasi explores the theme of desire. The work reflects the relationship between desire and its deeper aspects generated today in contemporary society. Desire, eroticism, mystical ecstasy, love, touch the deepest roots of life all the way to the fatal coldness of death. A journey into the ancient theme of Eros and Thanatos, explored with a disenchanted eye, full of humor, which opens to grotesque and violently pop landscapes.
Direction, choreography, scenes, costumes, music
Enzo Cosimi

Paola Lattanzi, Elisabetta di Terlizzi, Daniele Albanese, Alice Raffaelli, Giulio Santolini, Matteo Sedda

Lorenzo Castore

Lighting design
Gianni Staropoli

Sound and video technician
Niccolò Notario

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