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The muscular system of the human body is a war machine with its 752 muscles.
As you read these words, red and white blood cells are moving through your body, muscle cells are contracting and relaxing to maintain your posture and to focus your vision. Your body is coordinating the actions of entire muscle groups to enable you to move air into and out of your lungs, to push blood throughout your body, and to propel the food you have consumed through your digestive tract.
With the show Dôme, Compagnie Heimat would like to venture into your daily acts, deconstruct them and land to another ritual of the present moment.
Conception, direction and choreography
Alessandra Ferreri
Matteo Sedda
Sound and light design
Joshua Vanhaverbeke
Paolo Ferreri
With the support of:
Magnifico teatrino company
La favela Chic

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